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It's up to you to 

invest in your health. 

Multi-Session Pack​ages



When you feel anger, you are out of balance. At PH7, we can treat the physical and emotional reasons for why you are out of balance.

Addictive Behaviour


When various coping mechanism fail, often we turn to quick fixes that provide a dopamine boost. Often, the very thing that we turn to for support becomes the source of our suffering.



When two people in a relationship can both commit to becoming more grounded and balanced, the transformation and healing that takes place is phenomenal.

Choose Your Package and Invest in Growth Today!

Develop Strategies

in Anger Management

Find New Patterns

after Addiction Intervention 

Build New Memories

with Communication

Fees at a Glance

It takes TIME to re-balance your body and mind. Purchasing several sessions is both a commitment to yourself and an investment in real, lasting change in each area of focus.

Anger Management



For 5 self-paced videos & resources 

for Individuals in Need of Calm

Learn at your own pace 

With 2 one-on-one virtual sessions 

Discounted Follow-Up after 1 month

Addictive Behaviour Intervention



For 10 Self Paced Videos & Resources 

for anyone habitually suffering

Understand the root cause 

With 5 one-on-one virtual Session 

Discounted Follow-Up after 1 month

Interpersonal Communication



For 5 self-paced video session 

for couples, co-workers, or family members

Flexible Schedule

With 2 one on one virtual sessions 

Discounted Follow-Up after 1 month

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