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Interpersonal Communication


Other human beings trigger our frustration and resentment. This is an unavoidable fact. The longer you know someone, the more easily they can trigger you. However, you do not need to be ruled by your emotions. You don't need to be constantly reacting to your partner or other family member. If you have a feeling of balanced solidity within you, you can calmly move through your day. Your life with other people can be relatively stress-free and enjoyable again.

When two people in a relationship can both commit to becoming more grounded and balanced, the transformation and healing that takes place is phenomenal. Even just the act of walking through the clinic doors for that first session sense a profound message to each person that change and growth are imminent.

With compassion and understanding, Peggy Yu can guide you and someone you care about through a 5 week program that can fundamentally change how you interact with each other. Peggy's unique program will move you forward in your relationship with others, and with yourself.

These sessions have had proven results for dozens of relationships:

Session 1: Assessment

In this initial Assessment, Peggy will carefully listen to what major triggers are present for each person in the relationship, and will ask specific questions relating to how emotions are experienced within the body. Realistic goals will be set with each person, and "homework" will will be assigned so the work can be continued by each person on a daily basis.

Session 2: Communication Tools 1-4

Together with Peggy, each person will reflect on their homework and discuss which areas were difficult and which ones were easy. Four specific communication skills will be explained and practiced, and self-care tools will also be discussed. More home-based work will be assigned to continue the important work of effective communication and self-care. 

Session 3: Communication Tools 5-6

In this session which is at the "halfway point", deeper work will be conducted to explore communication behaviours, with the goal of breaking certain habits the put up barriers between you. Reviewing and resetting at-home work and goals will be a focus of this session, and Communication Tools 5 and 6 will be explained and practiced together.

Session 4: Communication Tools 7-8 (2-3 Weeks later)

After 2 or 3 weeks of practicing the tools explained in previous sessions, a fourth session with Peggy will dive deeper into what has been a challenge for each person as they have practiced the behavioural tools provided. Changes in the relationship since Session 1 will be discussed, and Communication Tools 7 and 8 will be explained and tested in session.

Session 5: Final Assessment and Review (2-3 Weeks later)

After another 2 or 3 weeks, whichever the couple will prefer, of implement all the Communication Tools provided in previous sessions, a final session will assess whether further steps need to be taken or if the 5 Session Inter-Communciation program and Tools provided are enough to keep the couple on a healthy future pathway. A follow-up session in one month is an optional addition to the program. 

Following the final session, an optional follow-up appointment for the reduced rate of $100 can be booked if desired.

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Yes, I'm ready! We have been trying to figure this out without help for too many years. I'm ready for change.

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