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Self-Care Enhancement


All of us come into this world knowing that we are loved and we deserve to have our needs met. Babies will cry to demand affection and sustenance, fully convinced that it is their right to receive these comforts. Unfortunately, ours is an imperfect world, and we learn disappointment and denial over time. We can go overboard with these lessons, and deny ourselves even the most accessible comforts, such as rest, healthy food, joyful movement, companionship and optimism.

Registered Counsellor and Registered Acupuncturist Peggy Yu takes an entirely unique approach to finding the joy and confidence that you once had. We need to relearn our boundaries and our self-worth. If you approach your current state as being imbalanced rather than weakened, you can start to find ways to allow the healing energy of Acupuncture to take the lead in your transformation.

Session 1: Assessment

It is important at the outset to openly discuss your major emotions and triggers, and what physical sensations occur within the body during this discussion. Goals for the program will be set with Peggy, and an Acupuncture treatment will release major blockages related to your emotional stressors. "Homework" will be assigned so the work can continue between sessions.

Session 2: Releasing Memories

So much of what triggers us is related to holding on to memories that you need to relegate to the past. With reflection and discussion, and an Acupuncture treatment specifically designed to release unwanted feelings and memories, a significant emotional shift can occur. Dietary self-care will be introduced as needed.

Session 3: Trouble-Shooting

This session is focused on eliminating any remaining barriers you have to actually doing the work. It is common, after 3 weeks, to identify some difficulties in applying the tools necessary for lasting change. Session 3 is about adjusting your personalized practice and going deeper. An Acupuncture treatment will allow you to leave feeling renewed and in balance.

Session 4: Taking Stock

This session will be 2 or 3 weeks after the previous session. You have been given some key tools since the first session with Peggy, and this is the time to assess your progress and identify any residual areas of emotional blockage or difficulty. Physical symptoms may be occurring due to the significant changes in your thought process and hormone levels, so an Acupuncture treatment will focus on these symptoms.

Session 5: Moving Forward

This session will be 2 or 3 weeks after the previous session. Final assessment will take place, with a focus on progress from beginning session to final session, and an in-depth review of what practices and tools have been successfully adopted and which ones were more challenging. A final Acupuncture treatment will rebalance you and provide you with a sense of calm, acceptance, and newfound strength. 

Following the final session, an optional follow-up appointment for the reduced rate of $100 can be booked if desired.

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