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Anger Management



In Ancient times, anger used to be described as an excess of an acidic fluid in your system called yellow bile, and to this day we describe the feeling of a "rising up" and feeling a "flush" of anger.


When you feel anger, you are out of balance. At PH7, we can treat the physical and emotional reasons for why you are out of balance. Yes, there are real triggers and reasons for feeling angry, but if you are in balance, those triggers simply take longer to trip you up, and steam you up.


Under the care of Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Acupuncturist Peggy Yu, you can achieve PH7. You can achieve the balance needed so that you have a reserve of patience. You will finally be able to listen through the anger, observe your thoughts, count to ten; all those techniques that have failed you in the past. You can eventually become free of your struggle with anger, but only if your body is in balance. 


The process takes only 5 sessions, which can occur over the course of 7 weeks or 9 weeks, depending on the client's wishes.


Session 1: Why do we have such an emotion ? 

This is your Assessment session, where we Identify your major triggers and discuss what is happening within the body when you are triggered. We will set some realistic goals together, and you will receive an Acupuncture treatment to begin to release emotional blockages. Tips and homework will be assigned to continue the work until the next session.


Session 2: Factors that might cause such feelings? 

We will review your homework together and go deeper into the correlations between your emotional triggers and your physical body. An Acupuncture treatment will balance you and release tensions in the body. You will be introduced to foods that can diminish negative effects on your mental and physical health.

Session 3: Difficulties Addressed

Further reviewing assigned "homework" and identify what difficulties you may be having in applying the tools and ideas given to you in session. New goal setting will take place, and an Acupuncture treatment focusing directly on balance and recovery will take place.

Session 4: Deeper Balancing Work

This session takes place 2 or 3 weeks after the previous session. An in-depth discussion about how the practice is going, what changes can be observed, and what areas of difficulty have come up. An Acupuncture session targeted to helping you overcome specific physical challenges, such as tightness or headaches.

Session 5: Rebalance Work

This session takes place 2 or 3 weeks after the previous session. This is your final assessment which will focus on what progress has been made since Session 1. Reviewing goals and setting a plan for the future, which may or may not include further treatment. Option to return for a follow up session in 1 month.

Following the final session, an optional follow-up appointment for the reduced rate of $100 can be booked if desired.

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Yes, PLEASE sign me up for this package. I have suffered through this alone for too many years.

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